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Cold Welding System

Cold Welding System

Product Details

Basis Epoxy resin steel-filled
Specific Properties Pasty, Fast-curing
Mixing ratio by Weight % (Resin/Hardener) 100:13
Pot-life +20oC (200 g Perpartion) 5 min.
Density of the Mixture 2,6 g/cm3
Viscosity of the Mixture 800.000 mpa-s
Max. layer thickness per application 10 mm
Cure time mechanical loads 3h
Final hardness 6h
Mean Compressive strength (+25oC) DIN 53281-83 70 MPa
Mean Tensile strength (+25oC) DIN 53281-83 14 MPa
Mean Flex. strength (+25oC) DIN 53281-83 21 MPa
Strength E-Modul (+25oC) DIN 53281-83 2.000 -2.500 MPa
Shore D (+25oC) DIN 53281-83 85
Shrinkage 0.03%
Thermoforming Resistance 50 Degree C
Colour Dark-grey

WEICON Plastic Metals are two-component epoxy resin systems. All types are supplied in a retail package which contains the resin and hardener components in the correct mixing ratios. Depending on type, the resin component is filled with either steel or aluminium powder or in some cases,
a mineral filler (except Casting Resin MS 1000).

The different hardeners determine the viscosity and curing behaviour of each product type.

Store WEICON Plastic Metal dry at room temperature. Unopened packages can be stored at temperatures from +18°C to +28°C for at least 24 months after the date of delivery (Epoxy resin putty - max. 36 months). The contents of opened packaging must be used up within 6 months.


Many different materials may be reliable and durable bonded to themselves and among each other, e.g.:

  • Iron, steel, hard metal, bronze
  • Aluminium, brass and copper
  • Glass and ceramics, concrete and wood
  • Many rigid plastics (except PTFE, polyethylene and polypropylene)

For workshops and maintenance departments in all industries,
WEICON Plastic Metal is the ideal product for:

  • Repairs on aluminium and light alloy
  • Reconditioning and repairing castings, pipes and tanks
  • Filling blowholes and microporosity
  • Working over shafts, sliding bearings, pumps and housings
  • Welding without preheating (wherever welding is problematic or impossible)

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